McKays Bentgrass (Pencross) is a unique turf for all manner of reasons. It was one of the first grasses to ever be intentionally grown as a lawn, developed in Europe when purely decorative gardens were only just coming into vogue. It’s a cool season grass that spreads, unusually, via stolons – traditionally thought of as a purely warm-season feature. It’s also one of the quickest grasses in the world to germinate from seed.

Bentgrass is known as one of the supermodels of the lawn world. A superfine blade is incredibly dense and soft underfoot, and its deep green colour is fantastically arresting. But just like those slender 6-foot stunners that strut the catwalks of Milan, this level of beauty doesn’t just happen. Bentgrass can be a high maintenance turf, but for those who are willing to put in the work the results are second-to-none.

So what are some of the best uses for this beautiful – if needy – variety of grass?

Display Turfs

If your home or business has a small patch of turf that you need to look the best it possibly can, and either have a professional gardener or a willingness to tend to the patch yourself, Bentgrass is a terrific option.

The main reason that Bentgrass is such a high maintenance turf is because of its shallow root system. It was developed in Northern Europe where drought is never really a threat, and as such the grass doesn’t naturally dig its roots down too far. In a place like Australia this can spell trouble, as going any more than a week without water will leave the lawn looking browned-off and tired. A small patch of display turf is relatively easy to care for, as it can be quickly watered, mowed and fertilised.

Golf Courses

With full time grounds-keeping staff whose job it is to get a course looking like it does on the marketing material, golf courses have the wherewithal to grow and maintain Bentgrass in the way that will have the turf fulfilling its potential.

The grass provides the perfect surface on which to play golf, with the carpet-like feel of well-maintained Bentgrass providing the truest roll for your ball. Bentgrass can be utilised on the tees, on the fairways and on the greens, and has been bred to be cut as short as you need it to be cut. Most grasses are designed to be mowed at 4-6cm, while mowing half of that height is not only possible for Bentgrass, it actually prefers it.

Bowling Greens

For much the same reasons as a golf course, Bentgrass is a terrific choice for bowling and croquet greens. Again, its fine blades, its density and its preference for a low cut all combine to offer a comfortable underfoot feel, the truest roll, and a delightful looking playing surface.

While a strong maintenance routine is still required in order to keep the Bentgrass looking its best, the perfectly flat surfaces of a bowling green ensure that watering is consistent, and the weekly mowing will assist in getting your Bentgrass looking its very best. Bentgrass also repairs itself incredibly quickly, so a heavily utilised bowling green lined with Bentgrass won’t become worn and torn as easily as it might when using another grass variety.

While these three examples are the most common, there are many other potential uses for Bentgrass over above what’s listed here. Essentially Bentgrass is perfect for any application that requires a beautiful, robust and low cut turf, but where a high degree of maintenance is also feasible.

If you’ve got any further questions relating to the care of your Bentgrass, or are wondering whether the variety is a wise choice for your situation, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at McKays.


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