Couch grass has wormed its way between the toes of Australians for generations, being one of the only early lawns to have thrived in the challenging and often extreme conditions that many parts of Australia serve up. But the only thing more Australian than standard Couch is Queensland Blue, a Couch grass that has been bred specifically for the tropical and subtropical conditions experienced across the north of the country.

Queensland Blue has been developed over years of trial and error, and brings all the benefits of McKays Bermuda Couch Grass, but offers added interest on top in the form of a slightly blue tinge. So in which situations does Queensland Blue Couch represent a wise choice? Here are the three best uses and applications for this beautiful couch grass.

1) Residential Lawns

The most common use for Queensland Blue Couch is in the front and backyards of homes. Queensland Blue is perhaps the quickest establishing Couch grass you can buy, offering a germination period that is up there with the quickest growing grasses on the market. You can expect germination well within two weeks, and by the 6-8 week mark you should have yourself a fully established lawn (where other varieties will still be finding their feet). This all means that your front or backyard will be out of service for the shortest period of time possible, and you’ll get to enjoy your grass sooner than if you went with almost any other variety.

Couch has a reputation for being one of the hardiest grasses available, and Queensland Blue is no different. It can withstand drought and wear and tear, and will grow well even if the soil isn’t particularly helpful. The blue hue of the grass also just makes for a beautiful addition to your property. It can make paired plants really pop, and will attract the eye of passers-by.

2) Commercial Landscapes

Another area in which a beautiful grass will do wonders, commercial landscapes are a prime candidate for Queensland Blue Couch. The aesthetics of the grass will offer your landscape a truly unique look, and when paired with the right plantlife will make for a stunning display. As mentioned above, the grass will continue to look good even if conditions are testing, so there’ll be no worries about the turf browning off.

The only bit of maintenance that you may need to keep on top of is mowing. Queensland Blue Couch is an aggressive grower, so mowing and edging will need to be conducted semi-regularly in order to keep the grass looking its best. It’s also a turf that requires full sun to perform at its peak, so if your commercial landscape is shaded by trees, shrubs or structures then it may not be your best bet.

3) Parks and Playgrounds

The aggressive growth of Queensland Blue Couch makes it perfect for spreading over a large area, such as in a public park or under a playground. Queensland Blue, like many warm season grasses, will spread out over an area via its rhizomes and stolons (often referred to as “runners”). These same runners allow it to repair itself if damaged, minimising the maintenance work needing to be carried out by the council groundskeeper. The runners also add to the sponginess of the lawn, making it a great surface for children to play on, be it under a playground or out in the open.

Again, as above the main bit of maintenance you’ll be concerned with is mowing in order to keep the grass in check, and you may find that the turf struggles under shaded areas, so it may not be ideal for parks with dense tree coverage.

Essentially any patch that is located in the tropics or subtropics of Australia is a good candidate for Queensland Blue. With its unique combination of beauty, hardiness and minimal maintenance requirements, you could do far worse than this incredible grass.


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