Perth’s climate isn’t restrictive when it comes to growing a lawn – both cool and warm season grasses will grow successfully in this region of Australia. That’s the joy of growing a lawn in Perth – you have lots of options and aren’t just restricted to which grass varieties will actually grow. You can choose your lawn seed based on which grass profile best suits your needs.

So, if you’re looking for a grass recommendation for Perth properties, look no further. Here’s the top 4 recommendations and their pros and cons, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Bermuda Couch


  • It’s hardy. Couch grasses have strong root systems that will deal with any kind of weather condition from drought to waterlogging. If you are in an area that cops dry summers and wet winters, couch is a grass variety that will take all seasons in its stride.
  • It can handle any soil type. If your patch of land in Perth is notoriously tricky to grow anything in, give couch a go. It tolerates sandy and saline soils better than other varieties, so is an especially good option for those people in coastal suburbs. Acidic, alkaline, clay – whatever your soil type, Bermuda couch will grow.
  • It’s fast establishing. If you’re in a hurry to grow a lawn, couch is a great option. Builders, property developers, home sellers – this one is for you.
  • It’s traffic tolerant. Great for a family lawn, couch’s runners above and below ground allow it to bounce back from wear and tear easily.


  • It’s not shade tolerant.
  • The runners mean it is invasive. You’ll need to keep an eye on your Bermuda couch lawn to stop it from creeping in where it’s not meant to be.
  • It can be a bit scratchy. Bermuda couch is not as comfortable to sit or play on as other grass varieties. If your lawn will be used for that kind of activity and a couch grass sounds right for you in every other way, opt for the deluxe Sahara Bermuda option instead – it’s softer to the touch.

RTF Tall Fescue


  • RTF Tall Fescue is very drought resistant. The roots can grow down to 2 metres.
  • This variety has been bred to be self-repairing. Traditional Tall Fescues do not have rhizomes to regenerate – this breed does!
  • It’s one of the nicest, most visually appealing lawns on the market.
  • As a cool season grass it will survive winters with no problems.


  • As a cool season grass it’s not as well equipped for harsh summers as other varieties.
  • Although it is drought resistant, it does still need a lot of watering. RTF Tall Fescue’s drought tolerance means that it won’t die off during periods of no water – but to keep it green and lovely-looking you’ll need to water it still.
  • As a quick growing grass in spring it will need frequent mowing.



  • Its low cost makes it very budget friendly.
  • It’s hardy – Kikuyu will withstand harsh summers, terrible soil, and rowdy kids or animals running all over it.
  • It’s low maintenance – kikuyu is low growing so your mowing schedule will be less intense.
  • It’s resistant to pests and diseases.


  • Kikuyu is very much a warm season grass – it doesn’t do frosts or long periods of temperatures under 20 degrees. Opt for a kikuyu blend with ryegrass if winters are particularly long or cold where you are.
  • It is notorious for creeping into areas you don’t want it to be – you’ve got to keep a close eye on your kikuyu lawn to stop it from overtaking your whole yard.



  • It’s the most shade tolerant warm season grass.
  • It’s so drought tolerant that it doesn’t even like to be watered – perfect for dry summers and water restrictions.
  • It’s slow growing, noninvasive, and resistant to pests, making it incredibly low maintenance.
  • Zoysia is a beautiful, soft, show piece lawn.


  • It’s not frost tolerant.
  • Its slow growing nature means it takes a long time to establish, can be hard to establish if the conditions are exactly to its liking, and it doesn’t bounce back well from wear and tear.ce back well from wear and tear.

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