“You can’t grow Buffalo Grass from seed” is a sentence that is constantly spouted by turf wholesalers nationwide. Buffalo turfs such as Sir Walter and Palmetto are only ever sold in rolls or plugs, and the reasons given for this are many and varied. One excuse is that these grasses tend to rely more on their ability to spread via rhizomes and stolons instead of dropping seeds. When seeds are sown the germination rate is traditionally low, germination takes upwards of 3 or 4 weeks, and specific temperature conditions must be met for any grass to establish at all.

But the team at McKays are used to doing things with turf that other lawn wholesalers say are impossible. By using a North American Buffalo – distinct from that used in the likes of Sir Walter – many of these shortcomings are taken care of. Mckays have also spent years developing the seed to cope with the unique conditions that are found in Australia. The major perk of sowing your Buffalo grass as seed? Your hip pocket is far less affected.

McKays Buffalo Lawn Seed Blend combines Buffalo seed with Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass and slow release fertiliser. This blend gives you the best of both worlds. The Ryegrass is winter active and will help keep your lawn lush and green over winter. The Buffalo being a warm season variety will be at it’s best during Spring, Summer and Autumn. The North American Buffalo is characterised by soft and fine blades, a beautiful deep green hue and a hardy demeanour. This differs from it’s fat leaf Australian cousins such as Sir Walter and Palmetto.

So what are the best uses for this stunning turf? Here are just four situations that are built for Buffalo.

1) Display Turfs

The stunning natural beauty of Buffalo makes it a great choice for small patches of display turf. A low maintenance grass that doesn’t grow as fast as its Buffalo cousins, your maintenance routine will be less intense with McKays Buffalo. With excellent tolerance to drought and frost, your Buffalo will continue to look stunning in even the most trying of conditions. It also has excellent shade tolerance, making it a great choice for display turfs that are surrounded by foliage, fences or any other sun-inhibiting structures.

2) Front and Backyards

You were hoping to invest in Sir Walter or Palmetto for your front or backyard, but the $800 – $1200 that your 10m x 10m patch would cost to cover is a little out of your ideal price range. What if you could get that buffalo look that you’ve been dreaming of for less than $150? With McKays Buffalo Lawn Seed Blend that’s exactly what you can do.

Buffalo makes for a terrific lawn choice in any area south of the tropics. It has excellent drought tolerance, surprisingly good frost tolerance, and its soft, fine blades make for an itch-free surface that the whole family can enjoy.

3) Public Parks

In a rarity for a grass that grows so well in cool conditions, McKays Buffalo is a turf that naturally spreads. This makes it fantastic for use in wide expanses, as the grass will eventually take over the space within which it’s been sown. This ability to spread goes hand-in-hand with an ability to self-repair, making McKays Buffalo the perfect choice for public parks. The only thing to keep in mind is the fact that the area should be cordoned off for the first month or so while the turf establishes itself.

4) Commercial Landscapes

Once again, the beauty of Buffalo makes it a terrific choice for commercial landscapes that usually serve more as a living display than they do as a functional piece of turf. The robust nature of Buffalo will mean that your landscape will stay stunning all year round, and the relatively low maintenance required to keep it looking good will ensure that your business isn’t spending too much on hired help!

Over and above the examples mentioned here, there are many more uses for McKays Buffalo. If you’ve got any queries on whether Buffalo would be a good turf choice for your situation, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at McKays.


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