When many Australians close their eyes and picture a patch of lawn, the grass that they’ll see will inevitably be Couch. Pronounced cooch, Couch is a mainstay of Australian backyards, lauded for its drought tolerance, its minimal maintenance requirements and its ability to withstand wear and tear. After being imported from its home in Europe, Asia and Northern Africa in the early 20th century, Couch has proven to be perhaps the grass best suited to the often extreme Australian climate.

So where can this wondergrass be used? Here are five applications for this Aussie favourite.

1) Backyards

The most common use for Couch grass is as a home lawn option. The dense green mat and low maintenance requirements make Couch an incredibly desirable turf to use in either your front or backyard.

Homeowners do need to be aware that one of the biggest strengths of Couch can also be its biggest weakness. It’s an aggressive grower and spreader, meaning that it will fill out your lawn space quickly and without the need for much assistance. But you may find that it creeps into unprotected flower beds and veggie patches if they’re not properly bordered. You may even find your Couch creeping underneath your fence and into your neighbour’s yard. It’s important to properly border your lawn, and use a quality brush cutter or whipper snipper to clean up the turf’s edges.

2) Golf Courses

Couch is a terrific turf option for golf courses. It forms a thick dense playing surface that provides true bounce, it repairs itself quickly from wear and tear, and it loves open areas that are prone to full sun.

Standard Couch, such as McKays’ Bermuda, is generally used on the tees and fairways. Putting greens require a grass that has a finer blade and that can be cut lower, and McKays’ Princess 77 Couch emphatically ticks both of those boxes.

3) Sports Fields

Sports clubs around Australia have long chosen Couch as their preferred turf. Members of AFL and rugby clubs – or indeed participants in any turf-based contact sport – appreciate the grass’s natural softness, born out of the combination of a dense and spongy feel underfoot, and a fine, flexible blade.

Maintenance personnel of sports fields aren’t forgotten either, with Couch needing little upkeep to survive. It must be said that your Couch will look its best if a proper maintenance routine is put in place however; regular watering, fertilising and mowing will have it thriving, rather than simply surviving. It’s also important to be vigilant and ensure that the Couch doesn’t spread into neighbouring land.

4) Public Parks

The beauty, comfort and hardiness of Couch also lends itself to public parks. The wide expanses of public spaces demand a grass that can take care of itself, and can spread out over the area if needed. Modern day Couch has minimal itch, so kids and adults alike can spend hours rolling around on the turf without any effects.

It needs to be noted that a particularly shaded park that has plenty of tree coverage may result in brown patches forming on the turf. Couch has a shade tolerance of just 10%, and does far better when positioned out in the open.

5) Airports

The great swathes of open land that airports play host to necessitates a grass that can quickly extend itself out over an area, and that won’t require careful tending and maintenance in order to survive. Couch is the obvious answer.

Due to the growing ability that Couch possesses it should be taken into account that it’ll need to be mowed more often than a lot of other grasses. The airport maintenance crew will need to be prepared to jump on the mower at fairly regular intervals in order to keep the grass in check.

There are plenty of other uses for Couch – essentially any space that needs a quick growing, comfortable and hardy grass is a worthy candidate. If you’ve got any further queries on whether Couch is a good fit for your area, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at McKays.


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