Top five Australian native grasses seeds

Usually, it’s towards the end of the year that the lists start to circulate – favourite this, top 100 that, best this, best that. At Mckays Seeds we like to get ours in early to avoid saturation and with spring well [...]

​Put Some Spring Into Your Grass With Our Early Spring Lawn Care

  Lawn Care Tips So you want to know about early spring lawn care tips? Here is a true story that will show you how to prepare your lawn leading into Spring. One morning as I wipe the sleep out of my eyes a [...]

Let Your Lawn Rise To the Occasion – Winter Lawn Care Tips

Most people seem to have a thorough understanding of lawn maintenance for the warmer months. You could even say that there is a collective Aussie consciousness on the importance of lawn care during summer - that is i [...]

Essential Lawn Accessories: Why Do I Need an Aerator and a Seed Spreader?

You’re a responsible lawn owner – the proud mother or father of a truly beautiful patch of turf. And as a responsible lawn owner you know that you require the right tools to do the right jobs. You’ve got a mower [...]

What Makes a Cool Season Grass?

Many people who have shopped for lawns will have heard the terms "warm season" and "cool season." On the surface these terms seem relatively self-explanatory; warm season grasses are those that enjoy warmer conditions, a [...]

What to Expect from Your Lawn in Winter

  People generally have a love/hate relationship with winter. Some love the feeling of cuddling up next to an open fire and reading a good book, others hate the thought of the cold, the limited sunlight and the p [...]

Should I Invest in a Soil Wetter?

  The driest inhabited continent on earth. That’s where we Australians find ourselves. And while this fact allows us to enjoy endless days of sunshine on our favourite beaches, the negative is that it means our [...]

The 5 Simple Steps of Lawn Prep for the Coming Winter

  A little bit of work now can save you a whole lot of work later. This is true in many aspects of life, not least your lawn. And the lead-up to winter is a more pivotal time than most in minimising any damage an [...]

The 4 Best Uses and Applications for Pensacola Bahia Grass

  A lover of the tropics, Pensacola Bahia is one of the most flexible and multi-talented grass seeds available. With a medium to fine blade and a medium green colour, it is by far the most popular Bahia variety a [...]

​4 Gardening Tips for the Remainder of Autumn

  A transitional time of year, autumn is an incredibly important season when it comes to gardening. From the extremes of the hot Australian summer, the weather from March to May changes dramatically wherever you [...]

The 4 Best Uses and Applications for Zoysia Grass

  A variety of Japonica that is perfectly suited to Australia’s tropical climates, Zenith Zoysia is an incredibly hardy and beautiful warm season grass. It’s a variety that is indigenous to South East Asia an [...]

4 Hot Tips for Fertilising Your Aussie Lawn in Autumn

  Many Aussie lawn owners will see lawn fertilisation as less of a routine, and more of an emergency option. You may only apply fertiliser when your lawn looks in particularly bad shape, or as a treat to get it s [...]


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