The Northern Territory is home to some of the wildest parts of Australia. From the parched sands of the Simpson Desert to the tropical heat of Kakadu National Park, it hosts some of the most extreme examples of the Australian climate.

It’s no surprise then that a Northern Territory homeowner may need to be a little more careful than most when it comes to selecting the perfect lawn variety. A Territory lawn will have to withstand the scorching sun of the dry season, as well as the excessive moisture of the wet.

So, which grass varieties are up to the task?


A warm season all-rounder, Couch remains one of Australia’s favourite grasses. The main reason for this is that it’s a fantastically hardy grass, and can generally take whatever nature throws at it. Good news for Northern Territorians.

A lover of sun, it does best when planted in unshaded, exposed areas. It can handle a huge amount of traffic, recovering very quickly from any damage. It is also an aggressive spreader, and will form a thick, dense and spongy mat that is perfect to play on.

McKays have a variety of Couch options that will grow well in the Northern Territory:

McKays’ Bermuda Couch Pure is an excellent base option, offering all of the standard benefits of Couch at a great price.

For a unique look, it’s hard to go past McKays Queensland Blue Couch. A lush lawn with a beautiful bluish tinge, it makes for quite the statement.

The King of the Couch castle, however, is the stunning Princess 77 Couch. A favourite choice of Northern Territory golf courses, it provides the perfect fairway and putting turf.


A low maintenance grass that is growing ever-more popular, Zoysia may be the perfect seed to sow in your Northern Territory backyard.

In Zoysia you have a grass that is far more tolerant to shade, coping with up to 40 percent coverage (Couch, in comparison, can only deal with 10 percent). For shaded areas, it is the perfect choice. It is also a very slow grower, meaning less mowing and edging for you. Zoysia will form a luscious green mat that is pillow-soft, making it a great option for Territory lawns that will have kids running all over them.

McKays offer two Zoysia varieties:

McKays’ Zoysia Pure is the perfect option for those in Darwin and Katherine, as it’s perfectly suited to the more humid and tropical climate.

For those nearer Alice Springs, McKays’ Zenith Zoysia Blend (a Zoysia and Ryegrass mix) will cope far better with the frosty winter mornings that the red centre often experiences.


An Australian mainstay, Kikuyu has been a first choice for Northern Territory backyards for years. A traditionally tough and scratchy grass, modern Kikuyu is far softer underfoot, without losing any of its trademark hardiness.

Kikuyu is about as low maintenance as a turf can get, and will cope with extended periods of drought just as comfortably as it does with being temporarily waterlogged, making it the perfect candidate to deal with the extremes of the Northern Territory’s wet and dry seasons.

Like Zoysia, McKays offer Kikuyu in both a pure and blended form:

McKays’ Kikuyu Pure is the standard form of Kikuyu. While able to be planted Australia-wide, it excels in the warmer conditions of the Northern Territory.

McKays’ Kikuyu Blend is a Kikuyu/Annual Ryegrass mix that will cope well with cooler climates, and may be the preferred option of those in the South of the Northern Territory.


Other options for Northern Territorians include:

McKays’ Carpet Grass, a warm season grass with excellent wear and tear resistance (although middling drought tolerance).

McKays’ Buffalo Lawn Seed Blend, a mix of Buffalo and Perennial Ryegrass that is suited to all Australian conditions.

For any further info on the best lawn options for the Territory, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at McKays.


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