Wondering what turf varieties will grow best in your New South Wales yard? It’s a big state, and what will thrive in one area might not grow in another.

To help you on your way to lawn success, we’ve got the best lawn seed choices for every region. From Byron Bay to Broken Hill, Griffith to Grafton, we’ve got you covered.

Couch Grasses

Couch is a warm season grass which tolerates a broad range of climates. Its ability to withstand heavy wear and tear makes it a popular choice for public spaces, parks, walkways, and sporting fields.

Queensland Blue Couch is a solid choice for northern areas of New South Wales. It is, after all, native to that area and has grown to suit the climate.

This grass tolerates coastal areas well but also doesn’t mind some cold weather and the occasional frost. This makes it perfect for all along the coast, whether you’re in Tweed Heads or Bega. It’s also one of the better options for the hinterland.

Couch grass is one of the most drought-tolerant turf varieties which means that it can be grown in far western New South Wales. Growing a lawn which will withstand the harsh climate of outback New South Wales is difficult, but couch tends to last longer periods of time between watering compared to other grass varieties. Even when it does die off, it has underground runners which will help it spring back to life after the first rains.

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass is another option for outback New South Wales and any other areas of the state which encounter high temperatures in summer and strict water restrictions. It’s a beautiful grass known for the silky soft lawn it creates – perfect for families who use their lawns a lot, or for gardeners who pride themselves of their perfectly manicured lawn.

Zoysia also has runners which help it recover from drought and it is known for its tendency to keep its lovely green colour all year round. It is a slow growing and low maintenance grass and can withstand a decent level of traffic.

If your yard is particularly shady zoysia can be a great choice for your lawn. Its ability to tolerate shade and extreme heat can be very useful.

One commonly touted drawback of Zoysia is the fact that it is slow growing. The best solution to this for those who are too impatient to wait for the beauty of a fully established zoysia lawn is to plant a blend. A blend which contains zoysia and ryegrass will fill out your lawn nice and quick. The ryegrass will protect the zoysia for the first 12 months while it fully establishes, then will die off in the heat, leaving a beautiful, healthy zoysia lawn.

Tall Fescue Grasses

Tall fescues are cool season grasses which make for lovely, soft lawns for areas with mild to warm summers and cold winters. This is one of the best options for the Blue Mountains and Snowy Mountains areas, and other regions where it’s important for a lawn to be able to withstand very cold temperatures.

Tall fescues are also quite drought tolerant for cool season grasses, which is super helpful for regions that experience the cold without the wet.

These grasses are cheap as chips and are often a major component of pasture blends for temperate regions. Pasture blends usually contain ryegrasses and bluegrasses, which are also great lawn options for colder regions of New South Wales.

If you’re looking for a pasture grass for hotter regions on the state, opt for Katambora Rhodes grass.


Kikuyu is a staple lawn and sporting field variety for most areas of Australia. It’s hard-wearing and impossible-to-kill nature make it very low maintenance and great for people who don’t have green thumbs.

Areas of New South Wales which don’t face extreme temperatures will be able to successfully grow this grass without a worry. It doesn’t need a heap of water and loves to be in full sun. It doesn’t tolerate frost, however, or extreme heat.

Kikuyu blends are available which have a proportion of ryegrass to support it through colder months, meaning that except for areas of the state which experience blistering hot summers, kikuyu will grow everywhere in New South Wales.


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