Areas of central South Australia have their own considerations when it comes to choosing the best lawn variety. Some areas may face tough drought conditions and need a lawn which doesn’t require much watering. Other areas may not have a problem with rainfall but instead face the challenge of harsh changes in temperature from winter to summer.

Whatever your particular need, we’ve got the advice for which grass type will work best for you. Whether it’s for sporting grounds, home lawns, or pastures, there is a lawn solution for your area of central SA

Lawns for Drought-Affected Areas

One of the biggest challenges facing lawn growers in South Australia is drought and water restrictions. If Mother Nature won’t water your lawn and you’re not allowed to, you’d best be planting a grass type which won’t mind.

In this case your best options are couch grass or zoysia.

Couch grass is the lawn variety which can last longest between watering. Even if it does die off in cases of extreme dehydration it leaves underground runners which spring back to life after the first rains.

Zoysia can tolerate high heats and is very low maintenance. This grass type does take a while to establish, but once your silky soft, dark green zoysia lawn is established it is there to stay. Zoysia is the best choice for families or for proud lawn owners – it’s certainly the best looking option, maintaining its colour all year round.

Choose couch grass if you’re in an area where drought is a problem but extreme heat is less common, such as the Riverland and Eyre Peninsula. Choose zoysia when extreme heat is a common occurrence, like the Mid North and Far North.

Lawns for Bitterly Cold Winters and Hot Summers

Central SA can pose difficulties for lawn growers purely because the climate can be so varied. There are few lawns which will tolerate a frosty winter and a blistering hot summer. But this doesn’t mean homeowners in this region can’t have beautiful lawns all year round.

The aforementioned zoysia, which is great for hot summers, doesn’t love the depths of winter. Planting a seed blend that pairs zoysia with a cool season grass allows the zoysia to take a break during the cold months while the other grass springs to life, then vice versa in the summer. Blends with tall fescues are popular choices.

McKays’ Elite Backyard Blend mixes fescues with ryegrasses which cover the climate spectrum nicely. Blends such as these cover all bases: when one grass type is dormant, the other thrives. It’s the best option for tough conditions with greater chance of success.

Lawns for Sports Clubs in Central South Australia

Princess 77 – “the king of all Bermuda grasses” – is the cream of the crop for golf courses in central South Australia. The warm season grass loves the heat and full sunlight, meaning that it can cope with the harsh conditions of a blazing summer. It is thick, dense, and looks like turf, without the huge price tag – perfect for covering large swathes of golf courses.

The best choice for bowling greens or golf course putting greens is the Penncross variety of Bentgrass. This super-fine bladed grass is almost like carpet, providing that perfect smooth finish for those sporting surfaces.

Football and soccer pitches in the region do best with a blend such as McKays’ Parks Blend. This mix of Kentucky bluegrass and Tall Fescue provides great winter coverage that withstands constant wear-and-tear and the frosty winters of central SA.

Kikuyu is another option for big sports pitches. It’s almost impossible to kill – heavy foot traffic won’t bother it at all and it’ll bounce back quickly. Regions which experience regular frosts shouldn’t opt for kikuyu, however, as it won’t survive more than one or two frosts per season.

Grass for Central SA pastures

McKays’ Katambora Rhodes is a failsafe pasture grass for Central SA. It is also a great choice for home gardens looking for a lush grass cover rather than a short-cropped lawn.

Katambora Rhodes is one of the only grasses which is frost resistant and tolerant of high temperatures. It’s also salt tolerant, meaning it covers the three biggest difficulties for gardeners in central SA. If you feel like you’d tried everything but nothing grows, give Katambora Rhodes a go – this may be just the ticket.


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