Melbourne’s weather is notorious for being changeable. You don’t just get four seasons in one year in Melbourne, you get them all in one day! So, when it comes to the best grass recommendations for Melbourne lawns, there’s not one variety that comes out on top.

With the extremes in temperature between summer and winter, it’s not as simple as recommending warm season or cool season grasses for Melbourne. Combining the benefits of both types of grasses in a lawn seed blend is the surest way for Melbourne homeowners and councils to maintain a healthy lawn year round.

If you’re a homeowner who really loves to use their lawn in summer and wants to focus on having a hardy, user-friendly lawn for summer, opt for a warm season grass blend that has an auxiliary cool season grass to help it through the winter months. The three best warm season grass varieties for Melbourne are couch, kikuyu and buffalo. Zoysia, the other popular warm season grass in Australia is inadvisable for Melbourne yards – it is too reliant on consistently warm weather to grow well in Melbourne.

Couch is the family favourite warm season lawn variety in Australia due to its hardiness and tolerance for wear and tear, as well as its drought resistance. These attributes make it perfect for families and outdoor spaces that get a lot of use during Melbourne summers. Couch doesn’t, however, tolerate shade very well, making Melbourne’s cloudy and dreary periods a test for the grass.

The solution is a McKays Green Couch Grass Seed Blend. With 70 percent annual ryegrass, 20 percent Sahara couch, and 10 percent fertiliser, this blend allows you to enjoy a strong, summer-friendly couch grass lawn during the warm months and still have a vibrant turf in the winter as well. When the couch grass lies dormant as the temperatures drop off, the ryegrass will spring to life and take over.

Kikuyu is another drought tolerant, warm season favourite for Melbourne and Australia in general. Like with the couch grasses, McKay’s has a kikuyu blend with 70 percent annual ryegrass, 20 percent kikuyu, and 10 percent fertiliser. The annual ryegrass will germinate quickly and fill out the lawn while the kikuyu establishes itself. Over summer the kikuyu will ensure you have a lively green lawn, and the ryegrass will pick up the slack in winter.

The McKays Buffalo Seed Blend has 50 percent buffalo seed mixed with fertiliser and turf type perennial ryegrass. It’s perfect for both summer and winter as both grass varieties make for great turfs which are soft to the touch and are relatively low maintenance. Buffalo is the warm season grass most likely to survive the toughest winters. It’s very frost tolerant for a warm season grass and doesn’t mind lots of rainfall. If you’re worried about Melbourne winters being too much for a warm season grass to handle, opt for this blend to set your mind at ease.

For large areas of outdoor space that need covering with a lush lawn, the Ryegrass Grass Seed Blend is the way to go. It’s cheap as chips at only $20.90 per bag, and the three grass types in it work together to maintain a lovely green ground cover. Made of a majority of annual and perennial ryegrasses with a bit of creeping red fescue thrown in, these fast germinating grass varieties will have your space covered in no time.

This blend is perfect for builders and councils looking to cover ground quickly and on a budget. It’s also perfect for Melbourne homeowners who want some nice green cover for their yard but don’t have much time to maintain a perfectly manicured lawn.

The Elite Backyard Blend is the sure-fire solution for any Melbourne yard. Its combination of three grass varieties – turf ryegrass, turf tall fescue, and creeping red fescue – ensures that you’ll have great coverage year round, regardless of your soil type and what the weather is doing. All three grass varieties have a lovely deep green colour and are soft to the touch. Not only will you lawn look nice, it will feel nice too. It’s hard-wearing and traffic tolerant- perfect for families with children and/or pets.


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