Are you a home owner looking for a grass recommendation for your Cairns yard? Not all grass seeds will thrive in the climate of Far North Queensland, but there are a few which will love the heat and humidity and will reward you with a lush, vibrant lawn year round.

Queensland Blue Couch

Planting a lawn with a bag of McKays pure Queensland Blue Couch will result in a beautiful, blue-tinged lawn that is soft to the touch.

One of the benefits of Queensland Blue Couch is that it’s fast to establish. You’ll see germination within two weeks and your lawn will be fully established in 6 to 8 weeks. It’s also hardy and will withstand heavy traffic. So, if your family needs a lawn to play on quick-smart, look no further than Queensland Blue Couch.

Couch grasses need full sun and don’t tolerate shade very well, so if you’ve got a shady garden, this grass is not the right choice for your yard.


Zoysia is a slower growing grass which takes patience to establish, but this patience pays off. A bag of McKays pure Zoysia grass seed is one of the more expensive varieties of turf seed you can choose for your Far North Queensland yard, so this option is for those with a green thumb who take ultimate pride in their lawn.

Zoysia grass makes for a showpiece lawn that is the ultimate choice for any homeowner looking to make their yard the envy of the neighbourhood.


Kikuyu is the fail-safe turf variety for any Cairns outdoor space. Whether it’s local councils looking to cover a park, or a home owner looking for a nice backyard turf, you cannot go wrong with kikuyu.

Kikuyu is the ultimate survivor of grasses – it’s drought proof, heat proof, traffic tolerant, and self-repairing. If you are nervous about your ability to maintain a lawn, kikuyu is for you.

Kikuyu grass’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness, however. The grass grows everywhere, and unless you keep an eye on where it’s sending its runners, you’ll soon find that you’ve got kikuyu growing in your flower beds, between your pavers, or anywhere else that you hadn’t intended it to be. Keep that in mind when choosing the right grass for your circumstances.

Sahara Bermuda Couch

The Sahara Bermuda Couch is another of the couch grass family which lends itself wonderfully to the Cairns climate. Like the Queensland Blue, it’s a fast establishing and hardy grass which makes for a great family lawn.

This variety is also the cheapest at less than $50 per kilo. If you’ve got a large yard to cover, you can’t go past this grass.

Sahara Bermuda’s cheap price and ability to be kept shorter than Queensland Blue makes it a popular choice for golf course fairways and other sporting fields. For tennis courts or putting greens the Princess 77 couch grass is a better option for a very closely cropped turf.

Carpet Grass

Carpet grass is like kikuyu in that it grows like wildfire and will cover whatever space you allow it. It’s a thick, dense grass that will give you great coverage and will survive in just about any soil condition. If you’ve got a large yard to cover and don’t have much time to maintain it, carpet grass is a solid choice.

Carpet grass doesn’t, however, tolerate drought – it needs to be kept well-watered. Far north Queensland and Cairns tend to be wet enough to sustain carpet grass, but bear in mind that it will need frequent watering if you’re experiencing a particularly dry season.

Pasture Grasses

If you’re looking to sow a paddock or yard with pasture grass for grazing horses or livestock, McKays have seed blends that will suit your FNQ climate perfectly.

Callide Rhodes Grass loves the heat and high rainfall, is nutritious for livestock, and bounces back from grazing well. Callide Rhodes is a pretty grass and can also be used ornamentally as a low maintenance ground cover.

McKays Tropical Horse Pasture Blend is perfect for horse owners around the Cairns area. Not only does it have high nutritional value for horses, it fills in quickly after being grazed and grows year round.


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