The Mackay and Whitsunday region of North Queensland is prime for growing a lush, green lawn. Home owners are spoilt for choice when choosing a lawn variety for their patch of turf. The weather in Mackay is perfect for any warm season grass, and the rainfall is plentiful enough that most cool season grasses will cope just fine too.

The perfect grass recommendation for your Mackay lawn will depend on what you want out of it – whether you want a tough lawn that will stand up to the test of a rambunctious family and pets, or a showpiece lawn that will be the envy of the neighbourhood, or even just the most low maintenance ground cover for your yard.

Here are the top grass recommendations for Mackay for any situation.

Couch grasses

The couch grass family is a sure-fire option for any Mackay lawn. They’re fast establishing, traffic tolerant, warm season grasses which are great for the North Queensland climate.

The only time you should reconsider choosing couch grass for your lawn is if your yard is shaded by buildings, trees, or fences. Couch grasses don’t tolerate shade.

McKays pure Queensland Blue Couch is a great lawn option for Mackay lawn growers who need a lawn established quick smart. Couch grasses are very quick germinating and will have your patch of dirt covered in a lovely green lawn in no time. The benefit of the Queensland Blue strain is that it is particularly hardy and can withstand heavy traffic. Perfect for a family lawn or a lawn that will be home to pets.

Sahara Bermuda Couch is great for homeowners on a budget. A bag comes in at less than $50 per kilogram and will give your yard a wonderful lawn for a low price.

Princess 77 couch grass is more expensive but is great for tennis courts and bowling greens.


Zoysia is the premium grass choice for Mackay gardeners who are looking for the most majestic, envy-inducing lawn around.

It’s not low maintenance – it’s slow growing, takes a while to establish, and doesn’t tolerate heavy traffic. But if you have the patience and pride to nurture a beautiful, showpiece lawn, this is the one for you.

McKays pure Zoysia grass seed is a premium product so, like every premium product, you pay accordingly. Zoysia is not a budget option. If you are really keen on a zoysia lawn but don’t have the budget to pay for pure zoysia seed, you can opt for the Zenith Zoysia blend.

At just a fraction on the cost, the Zenith Zoysia blend is a mix of zoysia seeds and cool season grasses. If you plant the blend leading up to winter, the cool season grasses will give you lovely coverage over the cooler months whilst the zoysia establishes and takes its time to shine in summer.


Kikuyu is the ultimate in fool-proof lawn for warm climates. It will grow just about anywhere, you can’t stop it! So, for Mackay homeowners, builders, businesses with outdoor spaces, or councils, kikuyu is the go-to for easy, green ground cover.

Kikuyu is drought proof, heat proof, traffic tolerant and self-repairing. If you’ve got no time to maintain a lawn, kikuyu is the option for you. The only critical lawn care job you have to keep on top of with a kikuyu lawn is keeping an eye on and cutting back its runners. This grass variety sends runners anywhere and everywhere so you do have to keep an eye on it to contain it in one area.

Carpet Grass

Carpet grass is another fool-proof option for non-gardeners, similar to kikuyu. It also will grow in just about any soil condition, so it’s a great choice for Mackay residents who have particularly bad soil conditions. Even for waterfront properties with salinity problems, carpet grass will grow.

Like kikuyu though, you’ll need to keep an eye on the runners to make sure it doesn’t get into places it’s not welcome.


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