Like much of the world, landscape architecture is going through somewhat of a shift towards more eco-conscious ways of operating. Skyscrapers are now adorned with living, breathing green walls, apartment blocks are topped by communal vegetable gardens, and there are even changes happening underfoot.

The push by contractors, engineers and architects for a greener future has flowed into some ingenious solutions to problematic issues that were usually solved by less “green” means. One such area has been that of walkways and common areas.

If you have a high traffic area on lawn in your backyard, on your golf course or in your business’s courtyard, what do you do? You put down a path, with concrete, pavers or rocks, leaving the grass to grow untrampled around it. But while paths can be made to look great, the fact remains that the eco-friendliness and the green “feel” of the area is compromised.

The solution? Grass pavers.

Generally designed in a hollow honeycomb pattern, these grid systems are laid over gravel and sand or topsoil. Grass seeds are then sown into the gaps, and over time will fill in the openings, resulting in a turf covered area that is entirely shielded from any sort of traffic that is thrown at it. The paving system is not only great for allowing air and water to the turf, but also provides the grass with much needed stability.

Whether for a backyard walkway or for a golf cart path, or civil projects such as parking lots or emergency lanes, grass pavers can do it all. With technology getting better and better, some pavers can take up to 4800kPa (100,000 pounds per square foot) of pressure, meaning their use gets more and more versatile by the day.

The Best Reasons to Use Grass Pavers

It’s a proven – yet unsurprising – fact that green spaces improve our health. Studies have shown that physical, mental and emotional health levels are higher for those living nearer green spaces like parks and playgrounds compared to those who don’t. Green areas are also a big incentive for kids to play, aiding their development.

Eco-friendliness is more than just a passing fad. We, as a society, need to start treating nature as more of a privilege than a right, and replacing concrete with the oxygen-giving gifts of nature is a great start. The plastics used in quality grass pavers are 100 percent recycled, and they avoid creating pollutant-ridden stormwater by allowing for the natural soaking of a soil.

When it comes to ease of installation, no other walkway type can compete with grass pavers. The installation process doesn’t require any extra tools, and the pavers’ flexibility means they can be comfortably put down over the most uneven terrain with ease.

The ease of installation has a desirable flow-on effect – saving money. The initial cost will more-often-than-not be lower than a different solutions that requires greater labour and materials, and the upkeep of the grass pavers is no more than that of a standard lawn.

As far as the upkeep goes, the longevity and strength of grass pavers means that where the pavers themselves are concerned, you can set them and forget them. The only upkeep required will be that of the lawn, but due to the protection provided by the grid, issues of wear and tear and disease outbreaks are either a non-event or super easy to maintain. You’ll still be able to use that mower like normal!

The desirable “softscape” feel of your grass paver fitted premises is good news for your hip pocket. Property value and curb appeal are on the up, as more and more people recognise the benefits of this style of landscape architecture.

And for those in the installation and selling game, showing that you’re a forward thinking business person who embraces eco-friendly ideals means that you’ll have a huge appeal to like-minded potential clients. Commit to doing things a better way and people will respect it. A lot.

The benefits of grass pavers go on and on. Green solutions to problems rarely come as faultless and complete as this. If you’re thinking of trying grass pavers on your patch, and need the best seed to suit your area, contact the friendly and helpful team over at McKays.


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