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McKay’s Annual Ryegrass as the name suggests is a 1 year proposition that provides excellent quality Autumn, Winter and early Spring growth. The forage quality drops in late spring with the onset of seed head emergence. The plants have usually died off summer. Annual Ryegrass will not regenerate and requires annual reseeding.

It is often used to overseed warm season lawn grasses (such as Buffalo, Couch, Zoysia, Kikuyu, Queensland Blue) to provide a green, economical grass cover from Autumn to Spring. It can also be used for weed suppression and temporary erosion control.

Annual Ryegrass is an easy to establish grass, bred to provide quick winter pastures and, with sufficient moisture, seeds will even germinate when broadcast on top of established lawns or pastures. It is typically suited to winter rainfall and areas with hot, dry summers.

  • Note: Annual Ryegrass Seed will only grow for 1 year


Seeding rates: 

  • New Lawns: 30 grams per square meter (3kg/100m2).
  • Overseeding: 20 grams per square meter (2kg/100m2).

Please note: Seed may be coated for protection and to enhance germination. Batches may vary.

Please Note: This seed is compliant with WA Biosecurity Requirements and has already undergone quarantine inspection. There is no additional charge or requirements for this seed when ordering from the McKays Grass Seed WA site.

For more information see below for Description and Features to see if this grass suits you!


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Sowing Tips: Sow into soft top soil or sandy loam. Broadcast the seed at, or very near, the soil surface and incorporate lightly with raking. To ensure best coverage and avoid seed wastage we recommend using an appropriate seed spreader for the size of your area. Soil must remain damp throughout the germination period of both seeds and must be maintained for at least 1-2 weeks after sowing, through irrigation or natural rainfall.

Optimal Planting Time: Autumn sowing is recommended.

Germination: 7-10 days with sufficient water, climate dependent.

Water: Ensure soil remains damp throughout entire germination period. Approximately once per week after establishment of grass, and as needed during hot weather.

Fertilizing: McKays Slow Release Fertiliser can be used to prepare the soil for sowing of Annual Ryegrass.

First Mowing:  When Annual Ryegrass is approximately 5-7cm tall. This demonstrates that the roots are strong enough to withstand the wheels of the mower and should not be pulled out during mowing.

For residential use, set the mower to cut at approximately 5cm above ground level and repeat the mowing when the grass grows about 2.5cm above the set level.

Mowing Frequency: Depending on the purpose for the Annual Ryegrass. Residential lawns where shorter heights are preferred may need to mow twice a week during active growth phase.

Disadvantages of Annual Ryegrass:

  • Only lasts for 12 months (approximately)
  • Needs to be resown annually

Seed & package details: 100% Annual Ryegrass  

Independently Tested: 85% Min Germination, 98% purity. A seed testing Certificate is available upon request.

Ideal Usage: Winter oversowing of residential lawns, rapid ground coverage, temporary erosion control, weed suppression.

Where can I sow this grass in Australia?  Areas 4, 6, 7, 8, 9

Shade tolerance: Excellent

Daily Sunlight required: 4+ hours

Drought tolerance:  Weak

Frost Resistance: Very Good

Traffic Tolerance: Excellent


Map Grass Image


  • Warm
  • Cool

Warm season grasses thrive during the warmer months in Spring and Summer and may go dormant in cooler climates through winter.

Cool season grasses thrive during the cooler months in Winter

Seed information

Shade tolerance (Weather)

  • Full Sun
  • Part Shade
  • Heavy Shade
  • Full Shade

Drought tolerance (Weather)

  • Moderate
  • Good
  • Excellent

Traffic tolerance (Weather)

  • Moderate
  • Good
  • Excellent

Frost tolerance

  • Poor
  • Moderate
  • Good
  • Excellent

Average days to germination

  • 2-3 Weeks
  • 2-4 Weeks
  • 3-4 Weeks

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It worked

Grass seed

Alas, too hot to sow the seeds. Will sow in early Autumn .


These Seeds Sprouted so well!!! I literally just threw them into all the patchy areas of my Buffalo Grass backyard… I waited for a week of wet weather to throw them about and i was amazed at the speed that they sprouted!!! Very happy :)
Advice was great and Delivery was very quick... Very happy to have discovered McKays Grass Seeds!!!


Annual Ryegrass Seed


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