It’s little wonder that European settlers chose Sydney as the place to drop anchor and set up their first Australian settlement. With a very temperate and pleasant year-round climate, Sydney is not just a wonderful place to call home for its people, but it’s terrific for plant life too.

The lack of frosty mornings, the plentiful sun and the steady, year-round rain offer Sydney homeowners an embarrassment of riches when it comes to choosing their perfect lawn. But which choices are the best?

Here are just five of the top grass recommendations for Sydneysiders.

McKays Bermuda Couch

McKays Bermuda Couch is a grass that is perfectly suited to Sydney’s temperate conditions. Couch grass (pronounced cooch) has always been an Australian favourite, and can be grown almost anywhere on this varied continent. But nowhere does the weather suit it better than in Sydney.

Couch grass loves the sun, and will do well with the plentiful daylight hours that Sydney residents experience throughout the year. It is also an incredibly hardy grass, perfect for yards that will experience a fair bit of traffic, or playtime from the kids. The rich green colour will also have your yard looking its very best.

McKays Kikuyu

Another Aussie staple, the ever-popular Kikuyu will also do its best work in the pleasant conditions of Sydney. This grass is known for its hardiness; Kikuyu will generally take whatever you or the climate can throw at it, and carry on growing regardless. And unlike most Kikuyus, McKays’ variety will be able to deal with the infrequent frosts that some areas of Sydney experience.

The one thing to note about Kikuyu is somewhat of a flipside to its main strength. Kikuyu is an aggressive grower and spreader, and can overtake garden beds and veggie patches if left unattended. You’ll need to barrier off the grass, and mow fairly regularly to keep it looking its best.

McKays Elite Backyard Blend

The name doesn’t lie – if you’re looking for a seed blend that will make your Sydney backyard look truly elite, look no further than McKays Elite Backyard Blend. A mix of 35 percent Sports Turf Ryegrass, 35 percent Turf Tall Fescue, 20 percent Creeping Red Fescue and 10 percent slow release fertiliser, each of the component grasses offer something slightly different to the blend, making it a beautiful, soft and hardy choice.

The Elite Backyard Blend is a terrific choice for Sydney lawns that may be a little more enclosed, as its shade tolerance is far better than most grasses. It also has excellent traffic and frost tolerance, and solid drought tolerance.

McKays Bentgrass (Penncross)

McKays Bentgrass is a combination warm/cool season grass that offers lawn owners the best of both worlds. It was actually the first grass ever to be intentionally cultivated as a lawn. It is one of the best looking grasses available, with a deep green blade forming a dense mat that is incredibly spongy under foot. Bentgrass is quick to germinate, and rapidly repairs itself of any wear and tear.

The one negative of Bentgrass is perhaps its drought tolerance. Having been developed in the constantly damp climates of Europe, it can tend to brown off during an extended dry spell. Sydney’s consistent rain should be enough, but if drought strikes, be sure to irrigate.

McKays Green Couch Blend

A separate offering to Bermuda Couch, McKays Green Couch Blend utilises a combination of Sahara Couch and Annual Ryegrass to form a tough and beautiful lawn for your Sydney backyard. The Annual Ryegrass is essentially there to help the Couch establish, and will usually die off within the first year as the Couch begins to spread.

With excellent drought and traffic tolerance, McKays Green Couch Blend is a terrific choice for Sydneysiders.

If you’ve got any other questions about which grass is right for your Sydney home, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at McKays!

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