Where most of the rest of Australia chooses lawn varieties based on what will survive the harsh summer, the good folks of Tasmania have to choose a lawn variety that will withstand the harsh winters.

Hobart’s wild and woolly weather makes for an ideal climate for some lawn varieties, and hell for others. Warm season grasses will struggle with the cold temperatures of Tassie winters, but cool season varieties will love the high rainfall, lower temperatures, and extra shade.

So, if you’re looking for a grass recommendation for Hobart yards, the cool season varieties are the best place to start.

Kentucky Bluegrass

If you’re a turf enthusiast and are looking for a lawn made up of one pure seed type rather than a blend, it doesn’t get much better than Kentucky Bluegrass. This cool season grass is a great grass choice for Hobart yards, as not only will it tolerate the harshest of winters, but it also doesn’t mind if the summer gets a bit warm too.

Kentucky bluegrass is one of the most visually appealing lawns, too, being silky soft with a slight blue tinge. It has runners, which means it’s self-repairing and therefore hardy, without being aggressive and invasive like kikuyu or couch.

Soft to touch, hard-wearing, and low maintenance? Doesn’t get a much better family lawn than Kentucky Bluegrass!

RPR Perennial Ryegrass

RPR Perennial Ryegrass (Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass) is a new take on the old perennial ryegrass. Those clever scientists have developed this variety to have stolons (runners), so, unlike regular ryegrass, RPR can self-repair. RPR gives you that same beautiful, deep green lawn, without the dramas of it being patchy and temperamental.

RPR is the best grass recommendation for Hobart yards that suffer harsh conditions, are home to rambunctious children or pets, or belong to unwilling gardeners. RPR is the ultimate in low maintenance and hard-wearing – perfect for homeowners who don’t want to spend too much time on upkeep yet still want a great play surface for their kids and pets. It’s also a great choice for yards exposed to the harsher weather conditions Hobart has to offer. If you are in an area that doesn’t get as much rain, experiences strong winds, or is prone to plant diseases and pests, RPR won’t be bothered by these at all and is the lawn choice for you.

Turf Type Tall Fescue

For a cheap and cheerful lawn, the best grass recommendation is Turf Type Tall Fescue. At under $27 a bag it’s the most economic way to cover your yard. It’s frost resistant so won’t mind a really bitter winter, but also doesn’t need a heap of water to survive. So if you get a dry summer your Turf Type Tall Fescue lawn won’t die off.

Turf Type Tall Fescue can also be used as a pasture grass, so if you’re a Hobart resident with a hobby farm or a pet of the variety that likes to graze, this grass is a great option.

McKays Elite Backyard Blend

Grass seed blends are always a safe choice as the different varieties can come to the fore where the others may struggle, all but guaranteeing you a good lawn coverage. McKay’s Elite Backyard Blend is a mix of three lovely cool season grasses – Turf Type Fescue, Sports Turf Rye Grass, and Creeping Red Fescue – and a solid lawn choice for Hobart homes.

These grass varieties don’t mind warm summers so your turf won’t brown off during a hot spell. Each grass has its own strengths and together they make a nice mix for a family lawn.

McKays Parks Blend

McKay’s Parks Blend is 40 percent Kentucky Bluegrass and 50 percent Turf Type Tall Fescue (the other 10 percentof the bag is fertiliser) – a perfect mix of both varieties. You get the best traits of both grasses with the added insurance that if one variety doesn’t like a certain part of the soil (whether that be because of drainage, nutrients, amount of shade, or anything else), the other variety will fill in the gaps.

Both varieties are hard wearing and love the cooler months. The Parks Blend is a solid choice for Hobart’s civic spaces, commercial spaces, school yards, and homes.


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