Seed spreaders, such as McKays’ Rotary Seed and Fertiliser Spreader, are fantastic pieces of kit. A purpose-built tool to spread seed onto a prepared surface, a seed spreader like McKays’ uses a rotary action to deliver seed to your soil in a controlled, evenly distributed manner. A lever on the side allows you to control the rate of spreading to a very specific degree, and its range of use isn’t confined to just dropping seed onto the ground.

There are a variety of reasons which make the use of a seed spreader a great idea. Let’s take a look at just a few of the perks of using a seed spreader on your patch.

For Big Jobs

Seed spreaders make light work of big sowing jobs. Hand sowing is fine for small patches of grass, but can become incredibly tedious for any area larger than a small backyard. A seed spreader is super useful for larger areas that need to be sown with seed, taking care of the task with an efficiency that is impossible to replicate with any other piece of gardening equipment, let alone your hand.

Rotary seed spreaders like McKays’ are able to cover a huge area in as little time as you’d take to roll a lawnmower over it. They’re perfect for medium to large backyards, and are almost a non-negotiable for any area bigger, such as public parks, sports fields and airports.

For Even Distribution

Inefficiency aside, hand-sowing seed will also inevitably lead to uneven distribution. While spreading grasses may eventually cover up the bare patches, this could take quite a while. What’s more, if your grass isn’t one that typically spreads, you’ll be forced to overseed the lawn quite quickly after it establishes.

A seed spreader will allow you to evenly distribute the seed onto your soil, or over an already established lawn. The lever on the side of the McKays’ Rotary Seed and Fertiliser Spreader allows the operator to control the rate of spreading with incredible accuracy – this means that whether you’re establishing a lawn or overseeding one, whether your grass variety requires a relatively heavy spread of seed or a relatively light one, you’ll be able to deliver the exact amount of seed that you need.

For More than Just Seed

For the Mckays’ Rotary Seed and Fertiliser Spreader, the clue is in the name. This spreader can be used for more than just seed. In fact, it can be used for more than just seed and fertiliser.

Fertiliser: All granular lawn fertiliser will come with a recommended per square metre dosage for a standard patch of turf, but this recommended dosage can be all but impossible to hit if you’re spreading your seed by hand. By using a rotary spreader you’ll ensure that every single bit of your lawn will benefit from the nutrients that the fertiliser will deliver, resulting in perfectly even growth and greenness.

Sand: Have you recently laid pavers, and need to fill in the gaps? Or perhaps you need to add a layer of sand to your lawn to assist with the soil’s drainage? A seed spreader is the perfect tool for any job that requires the even distribution of sand, offering the sort of control and efficiency that a shovel can’t even come close to.

Salt: Do you find yourself in a part of Australia that is prone to icy conditions? Whether from intense overnight frosts or proper snowfall, sub-zero temperatures can result in asphalt and concrete surfaces becoming death traps. Thankfully the seed spreader in your garden shed also doubles as a salt spreader, allowing you add traction to any surface that might otherwise be a little slippery.

Over and above these perks, the McKays’ Rotary Seed and Fertiliser Spreader offers a couple of extra benefits. It has a huge tub capacity of 25L, allowing you to cover an enormous area without the need to refill with seed or fertiliser. It also has a completely plastic body, guarding it against corrosion.

If you’ve got any further questions regarding the Rotary Seed and Fertiliser Spreader, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at McKays!


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