The smell of freshly mowed turf getting sucked in through the nostrils on a Saturday morning is, for much of the country, a key part of what it is to be Australian. Sport is so ingrained in the nation’s psyche that our success in it can have a huge impact on how we see ourselves, both individually and as a nation.

Our biggest sports – cricket, AFL, rugby, soccer – are all played on turf, and the love of these sports is more often than not developed on similar grass in our nation’s backyards.

So whether it be for a fresh covering of your sporting club’s field, or a brand new lawn to practice on in your backyard, here are a few of the best types of grass seeds for sports use in Australian conditions.


The Aussie backyard favourite for a reason, couch excels in many areas, but where it really kicks goals for sports use is in its excellent resistance to both wear & tear and drought.

A great all-rounder at a great price, McKays’ Bermuda Couch Pure is a terrific starting point when shopping for a solid sports turf. One of the more versatile of the couch varieties, it can be grown almost anywhere in Australia, but must be sown when the soil temperature is above 18C.

For all of the benefits of couch grass plus a quick germination period, McKays’ Queensland Blue Couch is your go. In under 2 weeks you’ll have germination, and after 6-8 weeks, when most lawns are just getting properly established, you’ll have a dense, lush lawn that’s ready to be worked over with your training drills.

For the gold standard in couch, look no further than McKays’ Princess 77. This is the couch that you’ll be standing on when you’re trying to make that 15 metre putt on that PGA level course you’ve been eyeing off. A density and softness underfoot that’s hard to match, for the perfect combination of quality and hardiness, it’s difficult to go past.


Another hardy turf built for Australian conditions, Kikuyu will not only deal with the tough climate and wear and tear experienced by Australian sports fields, it will actively spread to cover any area with its aggressive runners.

McKays’ Pure Kikuyu Grass Seed has the added advantage over most Kikuyu varieties of not yellowing at the first sight of grass. While still very much a warm season variety, it an unexpected cold snap happens, you won’t be dealing with an entire field of dead turf.


A terrific choice for a sports turf in Australia’s tropical regions, Zoysia is a super low maintenance turf that will be able to repair itself through weekend upon weekend of physical batterings. Drought tolerance is also excellent.

The 85 percent minimum germination of McKays’ Zenith Zoysia Seed will mean a great lawn will be grown from just one sow. It’s important to keep in mind that Zoysia will go dormant in the winter conditions of more temperate areas of Australia, so winter sports fields of the southern states will find the durability of the grass compromised over colder stretches.


McKays also produce a few specialty blends, crafted specifically for Australian recreational conditions.

A mix of 50 percent tall fescue and 40 percent Kentucky bluegrass, McKays’ Parks Blend has been created with Australia’s parks and recreation areas in mind, with a combination of great looks and a tough demeanour.

For a blend that has been formulated to keep the little tackers happy when they’re rolling the arm over in the backyard, McKays’ Elite Backyard Blend will be more than up to the task. The Sports Turf Ryegrass/Tall Fescue/Creeping Red Fescue mix is tough enough to withstand a beating, but also particularly soft underfoot, meaning hours of scrapeless fun for budding sports professionals.

Whatever your sport and whatever your area to cover, there’ll be a turf type to suit your situation. To find the one that’s right for you, consult the friendly team at McKays today.


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